CB Adams: The Pinholista Interview

Today, the pinholista website published four of my recent pinhole camera images and a brief interview about me and my work. Alex, who runs the site, wrote this about his endeavor:

Pinholista.com is my personal blog and is here to celebrate pinhole photography in all its forms. My focus is on analogue pinhole photography but not to the exclusion of digital images. In the future I am hoping that you will find news, reviews, city guides and, of course, some of the best pinhole photography on the web (as well as my own tawdry attempts). In time I also hope this will develop into a community for pinhole photographers however experienced, and will certainly offer help, hints and tips to those just taking up this form of photography!

To make this site better I need your help. I’d love to feature your pinhole photography and link to your pinhole related website. I also want to build up a series of city guides for the travelling Pinholista so that wherever you go you can find a spot to shoot, eat, drink and chill. Finally, I know there are lots of talented camera makers out there, and again I’d love to feature you. So, if you do want to contribute then please do contact me.

Please check out the interview here.