The Snow Gods tried to shut down my PHOTOBOMB Portrait Event on March 24. But the biggest snow in 100 years only delayed the inevitable. Mark your calendars, sundials and sextants. PHOTOBOMB RELOADED is scheduled for April 13 at the Soulard Art Market (  from noon to six. You can get there from here at 2028 S. 12th Street Saint Louis, MO 63104 (314) 258-4299. How It Works:  MEET: Artist/Photographer C.B. Adams. CHOOSE: From one of four vintage cameras. SIT: for your portrait.

Your portrait will be Qwerky Style with a funky camera and interesting film. The portrait is no obligation. After the film is processed, check out to see your portrait, you can get a print at a reasonable price. There's a discount if I can use the image on my website. Film supplies are limited. So come early to ensure your get the camera/film of your choice.