Pee Wee, What's Today's Secret Word?

 Pee Wee Loves PHOTOBOMB



It took a 100-year snow a few weeks ago to force the cancellation of my PHOTOBOMB Portrait Event at Soulard Art Market. It's been rescheduled and reloaded for Saturday, April 13, from noon to six.

This ain't one of those wine and cheese fa-fa-fa art to-do's. It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to choose from one of four unusual analog (that's film to you) cameras and have your portrait taken free by award-winning photo craftsman CB Adams.

Film won't be around forever -- and neither will this chance. So April 13, ladies and gentlemen, while we still can, let's have a PHOTOBOMB!

Stop by. Say cheese. Stroll around the gallery. See ya there! You can pre-schedule your sitting by contacting me at