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CB Adams: Portrait of a Symbol Featured At New Art Saint Louis Exhibit

The new juried visual art exhibition "Symbolic" at Art Saint Louis, 1223 Pine St., St. Louis, MO, 63103, features a black and white, silver gelatin photograph by CB Adams, principal at Qwerky Studio. Jurors Terrence E. Dempsey and Cheri Hoffman, chose the photograph, titled "Concepcion" for this multi-media exhibition, which features 54 artworks by 49 regional artists that depict, incorporate or are inspired by symbols.

Adams submitted his contemplative photograph of a rustic wooden cross because the subject is a symbol by itself and stands, symbolically, for much more. "At first, I thought perhaps the cross would be too obvious, too easy, but I kept returning to the image because of the interplay between light and shadow, the balance between the arched alcove and the shaft of light, and the texture of the cross, the stone wall in the background and the noticeable grain caused by shooting in extremely low light. Those elements create a quiet mood that is just as 'symbolic' or expressive as the subject itself," Adams said.

Concepcion by CB Adams of Qwerky Studio, $275 currently at Art Saint Louis

Concepcion by CB Adams of Qwerky Studio, $275 currently at Art Saint Louis

Adams discovered the cross while exploring the Mission Concepcion, which was dedicated in San Antonio, TX, in 1775 and is the oldest unrestored stone church in America. After shooting what felt like unremarkable, "touristy" images in the sanctuary, he took a staircase that he thought would lead him the exit. Instead, he found himself in a lower level that was unadorned, except for the cross located in a small alcove under the staircase.

"I was drawn instinctively to the simplicity of the subject, but I didn't think too much about it. I only took two images and then moved on to find the exit. I 'rediscovered' it a couple of months later as I editing my shots from that trip. It perfectly captured the atmosphere of this historic structure and symbolized in a personal way my experience there," he said.

"Concepcion" will be on view at Art Saint Louis from January 13 through February 14. The print is approximately 11x14 inches and is framed with overall dimensions of approximately 20x24. It is available for sale through the gallery for $275.



CB Adams Work in Food, Glorious Food Exhibition at Art Saint Louis

Tea Tree by CB Adams

As a photographic artist, I seek out only those exhibitions that really interest me and those that I hope are open to my style of work. One of the highlights for me is the upcoming Food, Glorious Food at Art Saint Louis. Friends and family became tired of me constantly saying, “I really hope I get into Food Glorious Food.” To make matters worse, I did not receive notification that one of my two entries, “Tea Tree” had been accepted for almost a week because the email was blocked by my spam filter. Still, I’m in and I’m thrilled.

Art Saint Louis brings art and food together for a block party celebrating the exhibition Food, Glorious Food in the gallery/café at 1223 Pine Street in downtown St. Louis. The opening is more than just an opening – it’s an event. Please join me on Saturday, July 26 for all the best in local food and art.

 Jurors for Food, Glorious Food are Allyson Mace, Publisher and Founder, Sauce Magazine, and avid photographer and art supporter; and Sara Choler Hale, artist and founder of Fair Shares CCSA.  Food, Glorious Food returns to a popular theme introduced two years ago in Art Saint Louis' 2012 exhibition series. The art takes inspiration from all aspects of food, from farm to fine dining. The exhibition features 76 creative treats by 51 local artists and includes paintings, woven pieces, ceramics, assemblages, fiber sculpture, drawings, printmaking, photography, and much more. All pieces are available for purchase, and none is priced more than $400. “Tea Tree” is priced at $120!

The main course, of course, is the art exhibition – but there’s much more on the menu! Food trucks will offer delectables outside the gallery and the baristas of Mississippi Mud Coffee Roasters Café will create hot and cold drinks made to order inside. The adjacent Kauffman Park will house live painters, chalk artists, live music and more – plus plenty of room for picnickers.

Food trucks rolling in for the opening event on July 26 include Bombay Food Junkies, The Sweet Divine and Zia’s. There will also be live artmaking by artists Michael Anderson, Lon Brauer, Jennifer Hayes and Erin McGrath Rieke, and chalk art created by Chelsea Soronen and Rusty Conklin of Chalk Riot. Guests are welcome to contribute their own chalk art designs with chalk provided by event sponsor Artmart.

The exhibition is on display at Art Saint Louis July 26 through September 11, 2014. Gallery is free & open to the public Monday 7 a.m.-4 p.m., Tuesday 7 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Closed Sundays & holidays, including Labor Day holiday & weekend, August 30 & September 1.