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In the business world, this is called my Elevator Speech. Depending on who is asking:

I'm a writer who has worked professionally, in descending order, as:

  • A Pay-per-day Communications Specialist in the aerospace and defense industries
  • The Principal at Adams Creative Services, specializing in corporate communications
  • The Creative Director and Senior Writer for an international luxury travel company
  • A Writer and Publications Editor for a major St. Louis-based university
  • A Feature Reporter, Pop Culture Co-Columnist, and Music/Arts Editor for a now-defunct major daily newspaper
  • The Editor and Writer for a monthly trade magazine servicing the produce industry

Or, I'm a writer who has labored in the creative arena who has:

  • Created this website and the "qwerky photo" and "life on snob hill" blogs
  • Published 12 short stories in literary journals
  • Been responsible for the demise of a major literary fellowship awarded by the State of Missouri
  • Published one poem in a literary journal
  • Been the recipient of several literary awards, both large and small
  • Designed a literary journal and participated as an editor of said publication
  • Been Mrs. Barnwell's favorite English Composition student in 9th grade

Or, I'm a photographer who veered off course into writing, but still managed to:

  • Be the featured artist at a local St. Louis gallery in 2013
  • Show works shot with toy analog cameras in three juried exhibitions
  • Publish four photographs in a small coffee table book dedicated to toy camera photography
  • Shoot photographs in New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, and Austria for travel marketing publications
  • Be the recipient of a Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Award in 1978 with a portrait of my sister called "Dreamweaver." (Hey, don't judge. It was the 70s.)

Or, I've dabbled in the world of higher education at various universities as a professor of:

  • Graduate- and Undergraduate-level Creative Writing
  • Communications & Photography
  • Journalism
  • Graduate- and Undergraduate-level Creative Writing
  • Business Writing
  • English Composition

For a more detailed resume/curriculum vitae and other fascinating personal information, please see my Dig Deeper and Archaeology postings in this folder. The deeper you go, the more you'll know.